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Please feel free to edit this page with any questions you may have concerning Moodlerooms

Please DO NOT edit or delete the questions posted by others.

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Hello. I am trying to Upload an image to a Moodle Room Wiki page. The image appears in the editing box; however, it does not appear on the Preview screen or the actual Wiki when saved. I have tried jpg, jpeg, png, and gif versions. Please help. Cristina

How do I unenrollment myself from a course that I have completed?

- Most enrollment in Moodle is handled via automatic processes, so you may not have the opportunity to unenroll from a course until the semester is complete. Depending on your course, though, you may be able to contact your instructor to be unenrolled from that course. ~Stan

How do I format the text in the box for each answer choice of a quiz question? For example, I would like to include answers with superscripts, subscripts, italics, etc. You can do these types of text formatting in the large feedback boxes, but not for the text in the answer boxes. This is really frustrating. Paul

- Sorry for the frustration, Paul. You can format text in quiz answer choices (and some other text entry boxes) using some HTML code.

For superscript, try
as in E=MC2

For subscript, try
as in C6H12O6

For italics, try
as in Happy Birthday
<i>Happy</i> Birthday

For bold, try
as in Happy Birthday
<b>Happy</b> Birthday

For underline, try
as in Happy Birthday
<u>Happy</u> Birthday

Hope these HTML tags can give you some relief.

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